What hardware I need for IP phone?

Hi Guys
I am looking to build me a PBX box and I need to know what kind of card I need to run a RJ45 ip phone (POLYCOM SOUNDPOINT IP Phone) and also I need to know what card I need also for fax.

Hi Dont get me wrong here but you have been asking questions like this over a year ago, surely since then you have read up on voip systems. Down load a copy of the Future of telephony and read it cover to cover. It will answer all you questions.


well maybe why I ask so much is because I want to get the correct stuff ok.

From your questions its obvious you have done little or no research but here we go

None , RJ45 is only the physical specification of the Plug and socket.

Asterisk in it raw format does not support fax reception. from zap channels you can forward fax to a fax extension. To do this you would need a zapata based interface card.