What handset and Card do i need for internal Phone Server?

Hi im Alex new to this site, i want to create a phone server in my studio as i work as a Sound Engineer it will be for internal calling online like from one Studio to the other so i just wanted to know what pci card i would need to connect the phones to the pc also what handsets you guys would recommend as i need this and the PCI card, I have a Server room and ive got a spare Server to run this phone Service on im going to use Elastix as that seems to be what everyone thats new to this Phone Server build is using, So its just the case of knowing what handsets i would need and if any what PCI card to connect to the handsets as its only internal Thanks for your, Thanks in advance for any help and advice :smile:

This really depends on desired features and budget.

For example, you can by Polycom IP phones with HD voice for $125 each. It is doubtful you will find a reliable PCI card for that amount.

thetelecomspot.com/polycom-s … cadb1ed1a9

On the other hand, you can by Grandstream ATAs for $50.00 each and connect any single line phone to each ATA.

thetelecomspot.com/grandstre … 53667.html

Both of these options require a switch and IP phone require power via PoE switch, injector, or DC adapter directly connected to each phone.

Another option could be a free soft-phone such as Zopier and a cheap headset.