What filesystem do you guys like w/Asterisk

We’re chugging along on good-old ext2, but I’m looking at moving to ReiserFS…we’re starting to see a few bottlenecks in the storage department (we’re recording every call, so there is quite a bit of disk activity) and I was hoping that we could optimize the filesystem a bit and was looking for any comments you might have, specifically any horror stories about Reiser.



i’m using XFS
ther is somethnig to choose as I/O scheduler in kernel 2.6 to contribute disk performance


We’re just stuck on ext3 which seems to work fine for us. I have tried ReiserFS and didn’t notice any differences, but I did not have that server in heavy production either. We have had the same ext3 server in production doing recordings every day for the last year (upto 50 concurrent, 15 hours a day) and we haven’t had any drive issues so far with it (LSILogic 320 SCSI RAID 10)

Here are a couple of articles of comparisons of each FS:

thanks guys…i actually misspoke - apparently we are running ext3, so i’m not sure that we’d benefit as much with going to Reiser. I’ve heard great things about XFS, but that it does better with a few extremely large files, not so much with several smaller ones…

i might build a couple of test boxes next week with different file systems and try to benchmark them against each other…it would be an interesting project, just not sure that I would know enough to provide any useful info…

thanks again!