What equipment is needed?

Hello all,

I’m new to Asterisk… and have a couple of questions for an implementation I’m working on.

My client currently has 7 incoming phone lines… all individual… 1 of which is a fax.

They currently have 6 AT&T 4 line phones on their desks. They would also like to add another 5 or 6 analog phones in their warehouse for internal use only.

I’m thinking that I should get their phone company to upgrade them to BRI or PRI with 5 lines or so. 4 main call lines, and 1 dedicated fax line.

What equipment / addon cards would I need to use in order to setup this system for optimal use?

I think most motherboards these days are shipping with 3 PCI slots, and 1 or 2 PCI-X slots.

Points in the right direction would be cool.