What else do i need

Hello all…

I am new to the Asterisk Community and know next to nothing on how to setup or the requirements for asterisk systems. I have heard great things about this software and want to try it for my business.

I have a Shoppe that has 3 different “Divisions” in it. A barber, beauty, and Tattoo shop to be exact.

I have one phone line in to the building, and I need to split it different ways.

I believe from what I have read asterisk will work because I can give extensions to each shop.

But all I have is a PC running the Asterisk Now / Free PBX 12.0.2 3 Cisco Phones and a none poe Switch that is unmanaged.

I would like to setup EXT for each and when clients call in have them to press a number for which shop they would like to call.

What else do I need to make this system work for what I am trying to accomplish.

From the hardware side: An interface card or mediagateway to interconnect with Your phone line. What exactly You will need depends on the technology of the phone line.

Form the software/configuration side: Voiceprompts for Your selection (e.g. “Dial 1 for the barber, 2 for the beauty saloon or 3 for the tattoo studio”) and the whole confiiguration for the inbound routing of course. Depwending on Your requirements it may also be, that You’ll need additionally a configuration for outbound routings (if it’s planned that the Ciscos may initiate calls to the telephone net).