What do I need?

We’re looking to build a virtual help desk using our existing analog lines. We’d like to have a setup that provides clients with a 1-800 number that they can call which then, through a series of menus, directs them to a queue of available agents (approximately 100 agents with varying skill sets). Each queue could have 1 to many agents available to handle calls. We’d also like to have it so we can control which agents are assigned to which queue (with an agent possibly handling calls from multiple queues) through an agent skill profile. We’d also like to have it so agents can control which phone # their calls are forwarded to i.e. Cell, Home, Work) and indicate their availability (available/unavailable).

What hardware/software should we be looking at to handle this type of system?

Thanks for your help.

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As I mentioned in my original post, we are looking for a solution that would use our existing analog lines, this is not a VoIP scenario. Does anyone know if the Digium AEX800 card or the Digium TDM800P would be the right hardware for our situation?



Couple of points. you mention 100 agents then talk about using a 8 port line card !! an office normally would run on a 5:1 line to extension ratio and a callcenter at least 1:1 if not 2:3 ratio. a TDM800 will let you connect 8 lines but TBH thats nowhere near enough lines for 100 agents.


Yes, I realize that an 8-port card would not be sufficient to handle 100 agents, I’m simply wondering if that is the type of hardware I should be looking at.