What Are Good Phones To Use With a Home VOIP System?

I’m looking for some really good phones to use in the apartment with an Asterisk system. I’m new to this so I’m not sure if I need a special kind or if I can just pretty much pick any kind of phone I like from Best Buy or whatever and integrate it nicely into my VOIP system.

Any thoughts would be appreciated…

Technically you can use any phone that supports SIP if you want to connect via ethernet but you would be better off getting a phone that is more targeted to business use (Polycom, linksys, snom etc) as they have been tested, proven to work and its easier to get help with them as more people use them.

If you want to connect via analog lines probably already running in the apartment you need either a gateway device or an analog card (with at keast one FXS port) in your asterisk server. If using analog you can use any anlog phone available anywhere.