WFM and Call Recording integration

Hi all, can anyone help me with the best to start looking for information on integrating 3rd party systems to an Asterisk NOW platform? In particular I am interested in WFM and call recording. Any pointers would be very welcome.

Describe with more details please what type of integration are you trying to do… and details about WFM needs

Thanks for your reply.

In terms of the type of integration, it will all be rather standard from a call centre point of view.

For WFM - The Asterisk server would need to provide real time, and Historical feeds, normally intraday and daily. These would consist but be limited to agent login / logout times, call volumes, talktime etc. On other ACDs I have worked with this would normally be in the form of a IP feed and / or a flat file transmission.

For call recording - Again just normal call recording start/end on call delivery and end, metadata collected such as agent, extension, ANI, times and so on.

Asterisk NOW platform is not a call center solution, it is PBX solution. so you wont be able to get the above data using Asterisk Now, in the other hand Asterisk is an open source framework for building communications applications, but you will need to develope your own call center solution or use an existing one for example vicidial.