Weird message "saved useragent" in CLI!

hello everyone
i have been running asterisk for a week on a private local network, and doing some tests.
as from today, i found out that i’m getting this weird message on the asterisk console:

– Saved useragent “THOMSON ST2030 hw5 fw1.57 00-1F-9F-84-63-F1” for peer left

this messages appears every 60 seconds for this peer, and every 5 minutes or so for another thomson also connected to the same network.
any idea what this means, and what is triggering it?


apparently this was going on from the beginning, but it doesn’t appear when verbosity is set to 3; it only appears when verbosity is 5
but isn’t it weird that it’s happening every 30 seconds or so? while on the other post, which is also a thomson ST2030 it’s every 4 minutes. i tried to see where can i change this on the phones, but i didn’t know how. all the SIP settings on the phones are the same :confused:

I also got this message. and this message also would be displayed when verbose 4 also.

That is because the ST2030 is set to register every 4 minutes!

It will be output every time that someone registers, when the verbosity is at least 4.