Weird desired config question -- possible?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to set up an Asterisk box to handle multiline POTS in and have all calls terminate internally in a hunt group with modem emulators. In other words, the inbound calls will only be modem traffic, but instead of actually porting them to modems, have them port to a series of modem emulators than can extract ASCII text after the modems negotiate.

I hope I haven’t overlooked an obvious answer already posted due to my lack of familiarity with the lingo. I’ve never used Asterix before, and I haven’t had to touch a PBX or telco switch in about twenty years.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could share some insight as to whether that’s a feasible application for this software. Thank you for your time.

Why would you want to use a PBX for that? PBX-es are made to handle voice not data. I don’t know if you are barking up the correct tree as far as choosing the correct software for solving your problem goes.

It is not an unreasonable architecture, although it is somewhat over-engineered. Before people moved do ADSL, something similar was common for ISPs, however, I think they wouldn’t have run a thread per call but simply have run the modec algorithm in parallel across all the channels.