WebRTC SFU: Is it able to toggle video track enabled to save bandwidth?

Supposing there’re A, B, C in a webrtc conference and A receives B & C’s two video tracks.
Anyway to let A only receive B’s video and disable C’s video? Can A re-enable C’s video too?

I try to use track.set_enabled() in A, but seems that A’s download bandwidth do not change whatever track’s enabled or not.

If you re-negotiate it may be possible to disable the stream, but it’s not something that has been tested and there’s no way in Asterisk to have that level of control currently.

Is it able to enable the stream again from client positively after the stream disabled?

As I stated, it’s not something that has been tested so I don’t know. It’s uncharted territory.

sorry for the confusion, from my opinion, I think client can append a=inactive line before the sdp renegotiate to disable the unwanted video track. But webrtc will remove the track info after it so the m=line block corresponding to the previous removed track will never appears after the next time’s CreateOffer, I means client may not able to start the video track again, positively.