Web Call Back On Queue Issue


I want to implement web call call back on queue.I am using asterisk 1.8.

  1. Call must be assigned to agents in round robin manner.
  2. Call must be dialed to client only after agent is ready ( means once agent pick up the call).

With queue ,phone ring to client & agent at same time which is not correct.Does any one has some idea about same ?


For consultancy use the Job forum.

navaismo,I simply want to know weather its possible to call agent first & then client using web call back Queue or not.I am not able to find proper documentation for same.

It should be possible, as Asterisk operates at a low enough programming level to do this sort of thing. There will no be any specific, high level, built in mechanism to do this, so, if you needed to ask the question you will almost certainly need to employ that consultant.