Web-based AMI shell

Hi all,
I have been playing with the AMI quite a bit lately - mostly debugging WombatDialer in production, but that’s a different story - and I have been frustrated by the lack of a simple way to interact CLI-like with the AMI itself. So I have decided to write something myself to make my life easier, or at least a bit less miserable.

The result is a little webapp that you can use as a sort of CLI-frontend to the AMI itself. It is not pretty, but pretty much effective. So I thought I could share it and make someone else’s life a bit easier.

You can find it on github.com/l3nz/amiDebugger - if you just want to test-drive it get the WAR file an put it into some webapp container, e.g. Tomcat.

Hope someone finds it useful.


Nice, thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much, Loway_ch!!! :smile:

If you find it useful, feel free to fork and improve :smile: