We need some help

Hi all, we need some help with the following:

We have a project that runs 6 months in both the US and Europe. With exposure to 300 million people through websites of 500+ goodwill sites and loads of free advertisement, it is expected that about 18 million people in total will call in to listen to a recording. That’s about 3 million per month, 100,000/day.

Who can help us setting up a system that can handle 5,000 concurrent calls which should be answered with a 2 minute recording? We would need 2 numbers from the start (1 for English, 1 for Spanish). Maybe other languages will be added, so that flexibility would be great.

It’s a non-commercial goodwill project, but there is a small budget (next to loads of love).

Thanks in advance,

You can use one number for both English and Spanish, Just play a prompt at the start of the call that says ‘For Spanish press 9’ and then listen for 9 to be pressed and change the channel language to Spanish.

That’s a lot call, you will need to load balance or have a good server with enough bandwith and a good provider, the IVR part it is extremly simple just use background or read() app the challeging part here is the deployment of this system, and you will some one skilled who can admnistrate and monitor the system, so you small budget will help :wink:

Not ‘a system’ – ‘a farm.’

Aside from physical limitations and bandwidth, you should plan on a minimum of 10 to 20 hosts. This will allow you to take hosts out of service without major impact on production.