wcte12xp timeout in t1_getreg

I’m having some problems with a wcte12xp card. I keep getting the error message:

wcte12xp 0000:03:08.0: timeout in t1_getreg
wcte12xp 0000:03:08.0: Loopup detected, enabling remote loop
wcte12xp 0000:03:08.0: Loopdown detected, disablingremote loop

I’m using CentOS 5.7 and Asterisk 1.8. This is a fresh install, on a new Dell PowerEdge server. Service isn’t being interrupted, but this server is supposed to replace our current working Asterisk box. We have fiber coming into the building, which is split into a voice PRI and data. Calling from one extension to another works fine, but when dialing my telephone number from a cell phone, I get a fast busy signal.

Any ideas on what could be going on here? I can’t seem to find out what is going on. I did a google search, but didn’t really find an answer.



Please contact Digium’s Support department directly for troubleshooting on Digium telephony cards. They may be reached via e-mail:
digium.com/en/users/support_ … hp?tab=log

or by telephone:
+1 (256) 428-6000


This is the real culprit. This could happen when something else on the system is locking interrupts and preventing the driver from processing incoming packets. Tech Support can walk you through troubleshooting this.

Excellent. Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate it!