Way to get around auto_hints in smart BLF

I have been reading around the web for how to setup the Shared Mailbox Indicator for my Digium D65 phones but have run into an issue where it appears auto_hints is not allowing me to show status for a phonebook entry (not directly tied to a SIP endpoint) that I am controlling the state of.

I assume this is due to DPMA and it using auto_hints as I can put a sip registered phone into my BLF file (say contact 37 instead of 43) and it hints fine, but the second I change to anything but those registered phones, no indicators.

96235 is an arbitrary number, it was originally based off the 974444 extension found in this link:

My end goal is to 3-5 shared mailboxes that can be added to any of the user’s BLF buttons and the state of these mailboxes to be updated through the bash script. The button functions work just fine, just no indicator.

Edit… Remove my configs as they were just clogging this post up.