WAV player for use with Asterisk Files on a website

I wonder if anyone can help me? My company makes voicemails etc. available to our customers via a web browser interface. We used to use FreedomAudio player (a Java applet embedded into a web page) to allow the customer to listen to their voicemail directly. Unfortunately this old applet no longer seems to work, and we want to upgrade to a new embedded player.

Our asterisk voicemail files are all .wavs with PCM or GSM encoding and unfortunately there does not seem to be a flash player or other embedded player that I can find that will play these.

I was heartened by the following project, but could not get it to work as Flash kept admonishing me to review its settings (no combination of changes made an iota of difference):

Does anyone else use an embedded player with Asterisk wav files? If so, do you have one that you recommend? I am not too fussy about whether it is Flash, or an embedded Java applet, as long as it works.

I woud be very grateful for a point in the right direction.

Send me an email to ambiorixg12@gmail.com, I have developed a Web App Based on PHP where you can play the online Asterisk WAV file using your web browser.