Warnings when compiling on OpenSuse

I have been using Asterisk for a long time and have just downloaded and compiled 16.6.2 on OpenSuse. Looking through the config.log I see a large number of wrnings about conflicting types for built-in functions and a number of fatal errors referring to e.g sys/event.h, xlocal.h, winsock.h files that don’t exist. As Asterisk works OK I presume these warnings and errors are not important but I wonder why they are occurring.

It’s the way configure scripts work. It executes various tests and test programs to determine what the system is capable of and what functionality is available.

Thank you. I had a feeling that it was something like that and I presume if there was something disastrous the configure would tell me.

If there is anything fatal or mandatory not present then the configure script stops and tells you, yes.

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