Want to talk about general experience with Asterisk

I want to implement an Asterisk solution, but our decisionmakers want to hear from someone who is currently using Asterisk. Nothing technical - just looking to hear about your overall experience with Asterisk and how well it has worked for you. They want to move forward with the project, but want to talk to someone who has already jumped in the pool so to speak.

No resellers please - looking for an actual user/administrator. Send me a private message here on the board and I will contact you directly. Thanks!


Latest stable version is rock solid. I’ve implemented Asterisk as a front-end for complex IVR application using connection to a database, DTMF entrys and message recordings. Compiled system from the sources without any issues or warnings on FC5 system. Since the very first day of using in production never was rebooted. Unloaded and loaded modules as needed to replace some in-house developed stuff without stopping the rest of the system. The system doesn’t control you or your wishes. You can do whatever you whant but YOU should understand what are you doing to avoid performance and quality degradation. Let’s say the Asterisk will try to transcode heavy codecs if you ask to do so, even if there is not enough CPU power. If you don’t feel you are able to plan and implement your application just find local Asterisk service provider and let him bild the system for you and charge just for implementation. If you would go with any other system, let’s say Cisco, a service privider will charge for implementation PLUS software licenses.