Want to confirm a number is Fax number or DID


I Want to confirm a number e.g. 14445677 is Fax number or DID. How can I get it? Can we get from DIALSTATUS or from any other option.

Burhan Khan

What do you mean by DID? What do you mean by fax number?

The VoIP world misuses DID to mean any PSTN phone number forwarded into the IP PABX. As far as the PSTN is concerned there is no difference between a PSTN number used for fax and one used for voice, and many small businesses use one line for both.

.In other words you can say a number which is taken by SIP provider Is there any way in asterisk through which I can know the type of number

There is no way within SIP, or ISDN, of doing that. You have to wait for a call and decide on a call by call basis. For outgong calls, it makes no difference.

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