Want extension to see incoming call but not ring

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is possible at all or not… but can an extension see an incoming call but have it not ring the extension ?

For example I would like the incoming call to ring ext 101 and 102… but I want ext 103 to see the incoming call and have the option to pick it up if they want… but they don’t want their extension to ring for incoming “external” calls… only if another internal extension calls…

I hope that made sense enough… any help appreciated…



You mean a phone device, not an extension. If you can get a light on the phone to subscribe to a device state on Asterisk there should be some way of doing this, although it isn’t something I’ve personally done. You may find that you can’t configure the phone to report a ringing state, so you may have to use a virtual device.

BLF is a very easy option setup depending on the phone model

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