Wan Link Sizing

Looking for some math about how can I get to a reasonable value for wan link x user. I simple way to do that would be considering a codec and multiply by the number of user,but, that math consider all user talking.
Anybody has experience with this kind of sizing ? I mean, considering 1000 user site, how many Mbps I will need to get a good voice quality ?
thanks in advanced.

Hi all,

I´m doing some researches on that matter and I got to some number and I´d like to valide here with you guys with more experience.
Considering G.729 codec, MPLS Link and 1000 user site, I got the value of 8 Mbps. I am using an oversubscription approximately of 3:1 for user. For 1000 user, 300 will be talking to another sites.

What do you guys think ?

The number of erlangs of external traffic generated by a business site will vary drastically with the nature of that site, probably by over an order of magnitude. I don’t think you can give a figure that is valid for all organisations.

Hi David

I agreee with you. But, I am looking for a specific scenario. I dont intend to apply it for every new scenario
The scenario I talking about has nothing special.