Wake up call doesn't work if voicemail feature enable


Thank you in advance.

I have the following issue. I set a wake up call that generates a call file on the outgoing folder for 11 AM (currently at 10:55 AM). Then i unplug the ethernet cable. At 11:02 AM i plug the ethernet cable and i have 2 different sittuations.

  • If i have voicemail feature disable, after plug in ethernet cable telephone rings informing the wake up call.
  • If i have voicemail feature enable, i see on logs that at 11 AM something is saved on voicemail and after i plug the ethernet cable nothing happens.

Someone knows a way to workaround this issue?

Best Regards,
Ricardo Pereira.

There isn’t a voicemail feature in Asterisk, there is a module that can be used to create such a feature. You need to contact the person who wrote the dialplan code that invoked that module, as that is where the fallback logic is located.