Waiting callers does not appear (after a transfer) in currentCalls.getList


I use the switchvox.currentCalls.getList() method to gather a list of current calls and display them on a TV screen which refresh every 10 seconds

This list returns me all calls that are in “queue” as well as calls that are “talking”.

The problem is when a call is “Transfered” to another queue AND the call is waiting in that queue, I no longer see this call using this method : switchvox.currentCalls.getList()

It used to work long time ago but now it seems to be broken

I know I can use this method to get the “Waiting callers” list : switchvox.callQueues.getCurrentStatus() but this method is taking forever to execute.

Any idea would be great


For switchvox, you need to contact DIgium via https://www.digium.com/support/switchvox

The open source community does not know about the API you are using.