WaitforNoise not working?

I cannot seem to get the application WaitForNoise to work. I am running the latest asterisk (16.3.0) and my exten looks like this:
same => n,WaitForNoise(500,1)

watching the call from the CLI, I see the call just hang there forever without ever moving forward.

What i’m trying to do here is setup a wait until talk is detected on an outbound call.

Check if there is audio flow using the command rtp set debug on

– Executing [s@google:9] WaitForNoise(“SIP/flowroute-00000e0e”, “300,1”) in new stack
– Waiting 1 time(s) for 300ms of noise with 0s timeout

Just hangs there with “rtp set debug on”

You are not receiving any media.

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