Wait some seconds before voicemail


Is possible wait some seconds (over 10 seconds) before launch voicemail ?

I recibe a call, then I want to transfer, but transfer extension is busy … is possible that not launch voicemail immediately and wait 10 seconds if the extension available ?

How do this ?

A lot of thanks.

do you want to retry the extension after 10 seconds if it’s busy ? or just wait 10 seconds to give the transfer time to go through so the caller doesn’t miss half the intro ?

When a extension is busy and I call to then, I want that have 10 seconds do a ring if the extension take the call.
If in 10 seconds not take the call, then go to voicemail.

How to configure this ?

The asterisk default is that and extension is busy, inmediatly go to voicemail … I want ring the extension 10 seconds, and if not take the call, then go to voicemail.


It sonds like the UA has to be able to handle multiple “lines”. If it doesn’t you can try to add multiple attempts in your dialplan. Normally asterisk jumps to n+101 step if extension is busy and VM application is there. You can put some kind of application which would delay dialplan execution and retry over and over again as long as you wish and then call VM application