VPN into network and then asteriskgui

Anybody successful at VPNing into a private network and then accessing your asterisk server (installed on fedora 6) on a LAN IP? I know I can access my fedora box this way because I use Webmin, but when I try to do x.x.x.x:8088/asterisk/static/con … basic.html on a VPN connection, it hangs. When I’m physically on a workstation (i.e. not VPN) on the network I can use the gui; it’s just remotely on a VPN connection I can’t.

What is the error it is showing when you are tryint to access webmin of asterisk using VPN connection

I can access webmin…that’s the funny thing. I can’t access asteriskgui. There’s no error…the browser just hangs and the hour glass spins like it’s working, but when it eventually times out I get a blank page with “done” in the lower left status bar of Firefox. Mind you this is remotely; obviously I’m not VPNing on my private network. All works well on my LAN.