Vonage help

Im going to be setting up an office that current uses Vonage. And wanted to know is there a way to use thier service and not have to buy the adpater cards? or is there another service i can get that will work better?

Thank you


No. Vonage only allows you to use thier adapter. There are other providers out there that will alow you to connect directly. I used broadvoice but the connection quality was horrible. I would reccomend mixing and matching providers. Get a provider that is cheap for incoming and multiple providers for outgoing based on where you are calling. There is a company called myPhoneCompany (myPhoneCompany.com) which charges $5.00 a month for unlimited incoming but is expensive for out going. (we use them for incoming). So for out going we use voipjet.com which is $0.013 per minute.

I have found that TelIAX.com and EXGN.com have worked well and have decent pricing.