VoipJet Automation Scripts (and more)

Hi All,

I developed a few sripts to do some handy things and have made them available for download for any interested parties. Your comments or feedback are welcome. Thought I’d contribute back since I have found other people’s scripts and work quite useful for myself.

I did these on AAH - so keep that in mind, you may need to adjust the dialplan parts of my instructions if using this on a different installation but the scripts should be fine.


Check balance from your phone by dialing something like *66.

Have Asterisk check balance after a voipjet call and email you if a low balance you defined has been reached.

Have asterisk calculate the cost of a call after complete and log it to a new table that is linked to the asterisk cdr table with a foreign key to the uniqueid.

Download from:

home.comcast.net/~espressoasteri … jet.tar.gz

(to unpack: tar -xvzf voipjet.tar.gz)


Check status of your extension or another extension to determine current settings for Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Call Forward and Call Forward on Busy. Can easily be extended to check other status. Put into extensions_custom.conf.

home.comcast.net/~espressoasteri … alplan.txt