VOIP within a LAN over a shared VOIP connection


We are renting our offices from a larger company. They have installed an IP phone (it is a Mitel 5212 connected to to a UTP cable) for us to use using their infrastructure. The problem is we only have one of these lines, and we have 4 people who require phone access.

I don’t know much about VOIP, but couldn’t we just plug that UTP cable into a switch and plug all the IP phones into that same switch? I tried this but it doesn’t seem to work. The phone doesn’t turn on?

Can someone guide me in the right direction?

Robert Hofmeyr

the phone they’ve supplied, if IP, will register with their system. simply adding additional IP phones to the new switch domain will not auto-magically set them to register too.

have you enquired about renting additional lines ? if they’re not available, and they will give you the login details for the phone you have, you could create your own network, install Asterisk to use this account as a SIP (or whatever technology) trunk, and add your phones to your system. then use the provided trunk.

whether you get more than 1 line/call available will be between you and the landlord.