VOIP wifi IP Phone Questions

I was considering setting up an asterisk server and purchasing an IP phone with a wifi setup. I realize you can connect back to your server using open wifi hotspots, but I was wondering if any/all of these wifi phones offer the ability to connect through secure locations if the person using the wifi IP phone has the proper authority to connect through. I just don’t want to purchase a phone only to discover I have 1 area within 100 miles that I can use the phone through, and I’d rather not disable my wireless encryption just to allow use of the phone. I’d like to keep up my personal security and also reap the benefits of an asterisk server through encrypted wifi. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. General information or possibly links to articles in this forum, or even links to specific phones which offer what I seek are an added bonus.

Your question is not totally clear. Pretty much “all” the WiFi phones support encryption from known access points. I am most familiar with the UTStarcom phones that include 4 “profiles” that let you store sets of SSID (network name) and key (WEP or WPA). They also will look for anything open after checking the 4 stored profiles.

Other phones have browser interfaces to let you connect to “paid” hot spots, but (at least in the US), the cost for those is high compared to just using a cell phone so, while they may technically work via a browser based phone, they may not be all that practical.