VOIP PriceLists Manager utility from VOIP Experts

Dear Sirs,

Let us introduce a new utility from VoIP Experts - Price List Manager
(PLM). That is another small tool designed by our team for our customers
and for VoIP providers in general that allows automating and making more
efficient all your routine operations related to pricelists management.

Tens of pricelists in different formats and thousands of records, mess
with not corresponding compound and doubled prefixes, too much time and
human resources spent for operation - now you can forget about that.
Intelligent PLM tool makes you fully armed in minutes for right decision
regarding termination partners based on their priorities. You choose and
prioritize criterias for Best routing table yourself!

Key features of PLM Utility by VOIP Experts:

  • Pricelist Management
  • Calling Prefixes management
  • Uniforming different Pricelist formats
  • Simple pricelist Compare
  • Best cost routing table calculation based on 10 parameters
  • Least Cost Routing calculation
  • 6 algorithms of Routing table optimization
  • Multicurrency
  • Routing table export to Mera MVTS, Excel, CSV or other formats

Here is a link on screenshots packet:

You can request free full functional demo version of Price List Manager
utility from VoIP Experts. We can also customize the software and add
more functions accordingly to your requirements!

You are welcome to contact us for more information or demo request by
email: sales@voip-experts.com