Voip.ms connect

I am looking for a guide to connect my asterisk box to Voip.ms…I downloaded and installed their sample files, added them to the pjsip.conf and to extensions.conf.

I added my account information, and can confirm that the Asterisk server sees voip.ms as a legitimate endpoint.

Both phones can ring each other, and are obviously registered with the Asterisk box, but when I try an outside call, (the phone name is ‘polycom’ )it says the number is not recognized…the 2 phones are obviously in the context ‘from-internal’

polycom’ (UDP: to extension ‘8028744823’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

HERE is the endpoint for voip.ms: (have replaces acct with zzzetc.

Endpoint: voipms Not in use 0 of inf
OutAuth: voipms/zzzzzzzz
InAuth: voipms/zzzzzz
Aor: voipms 0
Contact: voipms/sip:zzzzz@newyork3.voip.ms 45654e9ed3 NonQual nan
Identify: voipms/voipms

I can post the pjsip.conf and extensions.conf if needed… but it seems I am missing something fundamental…

Thanks for any direction you can give …

You haven provided extensions.conf which is where the message is telling you is the location of the error. This is nothing to do with the ITSP endpoint, and from_internal sounds a reasonable context for the phone to use, but if that isn’t what you intended, it is the phone endpoint that you would have had to have provided.

OK - I think I understand … unclear on the remedy…

FWIW - should I post the extensions.conf ?

You have to modify the dialplan logic in extensions.conf to allow calling. As it is, there is nothing that is matching the call attempt so it fails. You can post the extensions.conf if you wish.

Thank you. Beginning to make sense … I thought I had copied/modified the additions to extensions.conf which voip.ms sent along – will review

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