VoIP Library choose

Hi all. I’m starting to develop a mobile VoIP app. I choose to user Asterisk server side, but I’m evaluating the library to use client side. I identified 3 library to choose: PJSIP, Linphone, PortSIP. What is the best library to use with Asterisk server ?

I think PJSIP is a no brainer but I have not done any development with any of them.

Perhaps baresip (re+rem+baresip). I’m working with it only on Windows and it seems pretty reliable to me - when I was testing it with SIP fuzzer few years ago it came out clean whereas pjsip/pjsua had some problems. If compared with pjsip - pjsip (or pjmedia to be specific) has richer, very convenient API with mixing, conference bridging, etc. PJSIP is also well-known, there are more application based on it so it might be easier to get support. On the other hand baresip has convenient BSD licensing.