VoIP for Asterisk

Which of these two VoIP Providers do you like best? (Voxee or NuFone)

  • Voxee
  • NuFone
  • Don’t know. have not tried both.

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We have some software that we own the rights to, which uses the Asterisk based technology. We use NuFone and Voxee.
We are wondering if any of you know where we can find other sources for our VoIP that have at least the same price or better.
The reason we are looking for others is that sometimes the quality is not so good with either provider, and we want more choices for the users of our Predictive Dialer software.

Thank you for any directions you can send us.
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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i’ve used both. voxee was okay, but outbound only, and has gone downhill lately. nufone has had some MAJOR issue - check around on this forum or on voxilla’s rants&raves forum.

You may also want to look at binfone.com. They have a very high quality setup and offer both SIP and IAX termination.

Voxee isn’t bad, used them once for a project a few months ago. Nufone never used them but I heard they have very spotty customer support, sometimes you will wait 1hr, sometimes 2weeks. (again, just what i heard)

try voicepulse connect connect.voicepulse.com
i’ve used them for a while and heard good things about them. The only time I’ve only had to deal with their CS once, sent an email via their support site… 1hr later guy CALLS me to say he’s working on it. Next day guy calls me again to say its done. (I was impressed).

Thank you guys for the info. If there are others, we would love to see them still :smile:

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