VOIP call on 1 Mbps MPLS line

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Dear all i have a small query regarding the VOIP calls , How many VOIP calls are be made with 1 Mbps MPLS line with asterisk 13 server b’coz i am getting voice break during voip call (20 calls at a time) that’why i am asking this question or any other solutions for this issue?

Depends on the codec in use and the other traffic, and also on whether you are using IAX trunking, but I would say under 5 using G.711, and SIP.

(64kbps, arbitrarily inflate to 100 kpbs for protocol overhead, times two for the two legs to a call.) I guess 20 would be possible with IAX trunking and GSM, or lower bit rate, codecs.)

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sir i am using using G729 but in Voip ISP i dont know , so in this case what is the solution of voice breakup?