VOIP 8XX services

How can I release a voip 8XX call , so it will be available for the next call?

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what is a voip 8XX call?

toll free, services

Are you placing calls ? Recieving calls ? What do you men by releasing. You need to give more details on what you are trying to do.

tranfer and release is for in-bound calls



I think you’ll have to state your question more clearly to have any hope of receiving a reply.

so you want to take the inbound call and then perform a transfer and release… is that correct?

If so, you need to speak with your carrier to see if it’s possible. That is a feature at the carrier level. I used to have some ATT ISDN lines that I could *6 to initiate a take-back and transfer… but that isn’t standard.

Thax I do understand that, no matter i have to have DID. I try to avoid that.