Voicetronix and libvpb-dev

Hi all,

Got some general questions around the libvpb package and what it does. Upon running contrib/scripts/install_prereq on debian libvpb-dev is installed, which from what I understand are Voicetronix libraries. A package configuration dialog pops up asking for an area code.

My questions if anyone could help are:

  1. What is this package for, and unless we have Voicetronix cards can I remove this from the installation?
  2. Is the area code important for use with a SIP only setup?
  3. Can one bypass the package configuration dialog somehow? Been using DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt install libvpb-dev before install_prereq is this likely to cause issues?

This is on Ubuntu 22.04.1 and asterisk-certified-18.9-cert1.

Many thanks in advance!

The only valid reason for using a certified version of Asterisk is that you have a maintenance contract with Sangoma. In that case you are going to the wrong place for support.

For community support, you should be on Asterisk 18.13.

The string “libvpb” does not appear to exist in the Asterisk source code.

For Asterisk 18.10, libvpb is only a “suggests” dependency for Ubuntu, so, I’d suggest that, unless you have the specific hardware to which it relates, you should not install it.

They don’t have 18.13. They do have the release candidate for 18.14, but release candidates are what Microsoft call open betas; they are likely to be buggy.

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Hi David,

Thanks for getting back, first time I’ve used certified after noting it has more testing. What you said makes sense and I shall go back to current.

Ah I see now its under the addons didn’t notice this before, shall mark what you said as the solution.


It’s only tested for the contracted uses of the paying customers. Many features are untested, and may be buggier than the most recent version.

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