VoicePulse announces new rates for Asterisk users

I am in no way affiliated with VoicePulse or endorsing them as a service provider. Having said this, they have announced a new offering that may be useful to members of the community:

[quote=“VoicePulse”]Over the past month, you’ve probably noticed many changes to the VoicePulse Connect for Asterisk service. We’ve changed the name, redesigned the website and introduced several new features. All of these improvements have been in anticipation of our most exciting announcement yet…

VoicePulse now offers rates as low as half-a-penny to the United States!

Until today, tiered rates have been something only carriers or very large customers could take advantage of. Using VoicePulse, you can now enjoy the same low rates as carriers and call centers, regardless of how many minutes you use! Starting today, VoicePulse will complete calls for:

$0.0050 to 5,184 rate centers*
$0.0060 to 17,907 rate centers
$0.0070 to 10,180 rate centers
$0.0080 to 10,728 rate centers
$0.0090 to 8,286 rate centers
$0.0100 to 10,957 rate centers
$0.0240 to 19,049 rate centers

  • A “rate center” is an area code + exchange (ex. 732-339-xxxx)

In addition, our new FlexRate real-time pricing program lets your Asterisk server look up rates on-the-fly when a call is placed! This means you no longer have to download spreadsheets containing our rates every month. As soon as you or one of your customers dials the phone, your extensions.conf will look up the VoicePulse rate for that call and decide which provider to use – even if your other providers still use spreadsheets and flat rates!

VoicePulse is committed to driving the adoption of Asterisk by providing a reliable, easy-to-use service for making and receiving phone calls at affordable prices. If you have any questions about our new services or need help in implementing our new features, our customer service representatives are available by phone or email at 732-339-5100 (M-F 9am-7pm ET) or contact@voicepulse.com.[/quote]

The interesting sauce is here:


exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Set(OTHER_PROVIDERS_FLAT_RATE=0.02) exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,2,Macro(voicepulseflexrate,${VOICEPULSE_API_KEY},${EXTEN}) exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,3, GotoIf($[${VOICEPULSE_FLEXRATE} > ${OTHER_PROVIDERS_FLAT_RATE}]?outgoing|${EXTEN}|700 exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,4,Dial(IAX2/VoicePulse/${EXTEN}) exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,700,Dial(IAX2/SomeOtherProvider/${EXTEN})