Voicemail: With backupdeleted=30, using call-in to move a message saves a copy in Deleted folder


I have found an odd issue which I am not sure if it’s a bug, or something I need to reconfigure. So far I cannot find a configurable option that has anything to do with this.

When calling into our own mailbox to listen to voicemail/move messages etc, if we choose the option to Move a message from say the Old folder back into the INBOX, and hang up, the action does happen and the message is moved to INBOX. However, exact copies of the .wav,.WAV,.gsm and .txt file gets copied to the Deleted/ folder too. No delete action was performed on our end, just a move - but Asterisk seems to copy the moved file to the deleted folder, so now we have 2 identical messages sitting in INBOX and Deleted/.

We do have backupdeleted=30 in voicemail.conf, but all docs for this say if you DELETE a message it backs it up (which it does if we do a delete), but I am unsure if this setting is causing this oddness we see.

Asterisk version: 16.9.0 on Centos 7.7, rpm-installed from Tucny repo. Using chan_sip with standard app_voicemail. 4 asterisk servers with shared glusterfs backend for voicemails.

Thanks for any help!

No replies? :frowning:

This is very repeatable and I still get the issue. This test was on NFS-based filesystem (so not a backend issue) in another environment, same asterisk version and configuration.

  1. Have a few messages in INBOX and Old
  2. Ensure backupdeleted and msgmsg options are set in voicemail.conf, mine both are at 300 currently
  3. Call into mailbox options (call your own mailbox)
  4. Change folders, change to Old messages
  5. Move an old message from Old to New (INBOX), dont hang up yet
  6. watch the filesystem, there are now copies in INBOX and Old of the same exact message .txt file and wav/gsms
  7. hang up, now a copy exists in INBOX (as expected) and Deleted/ (the issue)

I did not tell it to delete anything, why is asterisk creating a copy in the Deleted folder if I just moved a message?

Note that this same type of thing occurs if I call into voicemail and move a message from Old or Inbox to a custom folder, e.g. press 9 which gets you a Cust5 folder. I then have a copy in Cust5, INBOX and Deleted/.

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