Voicemail Sendmail vs. exim

I spent a few hours trying to get sendmail to send to a non-dns resolvable internal mail server to no avail. I then tried the exim MTA and got it working in a few steps. Here is what I did if anyone else runs into an issue like this.
edit the vm_general.inc to add
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/exim -t ; this will set exim as the MTA within the vm system

then once exim is installed edit the exim.conf file. This is what I did.


driver = dnslookup

domains = ! +local_domains

transport = remote_smtp

ignore_target_hosts = :


driver = manualroute
route_list = !+local_domains
transport = remote_smtp
restart exim. exim now sends mail to the IP specifed without doing a dnslookup first. Maybe I am just not familier enough with sendmail to
get it right, but this was easier for me. Hope it helps…