VoiceMail: save on hangup in review mode

Hello there,

is it possible to automatically save voicemail messages even if the calling person is in review mode (press 1 to save, press 2 to hear again, press 3 to rerecord)? There might be some people that just hangup instead of pressing 1, most likely because they think that the message is being saved (which is the case if they hangup before review mode).

Secondly, I’d like to disable the “press 4 to mark this message as urgent” option in the review mode. I’m pretty sure this is possible as I accidentally enabled it and just can’t find that option again. (Google wasn’t my friend this time.)

I’m running Asterisk

Thanks for your help!

you can write your own dialplan with appications such as (background, Record and AGI for app logics) to build the voicemail functionality.