Voicemail problem - Couldn't stream login file?!?!?!

i have problem when i try to access voicemail asterisk server throws this:

[Feb 27 14:26:23] WARNING[8472]: file.c:805 ast_streamfile: Unable to open vm-login (format 0x1 (g723)): No such file or directory
[Feb 27 14:26:23] WARNING[8472]: app_voicemail.c:5997 vm_authenticate: Couldn’t stream login file

I would appreciate some help… Thanks

Acctually, i’ve found where is the problem, but i down’t know how to solve it. I installed asterisk five hours ago and i don’t know exactly how to solve problems yet.

problem occurs because asterisk tries to use gsm codec for voicemail, and i in my sip.conf have line:


i need to use G732 and not GSM codec. Any advise?


I assume you mean g.723 codec… Asterisk only supports g.723 in passthru mode. That means if you have two sides that support g.723 it will pass data between them but it can’t decode it or generate g.723 data ie for voice prompts.
There is a G.723 codec for Asterisk you can find here: voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+ … +Licensing however keep in mind using it may be illegal in many countries, as g.723 requires licensing much like g.729.
If you install a g.723 codec what you are trying to do should work… however IMHO you are better off switching to a codec like g.729 or GSM…

also fyi you dont need to encode the prompts in whatever format you hvae, as long as asterisk can transcode them you are okay. currently asterisk can’t so you are stuck.