Voicemail Notify - Manually trigger

We currently use a Zertron Sentryvoice auto dialer for in building alarms. This machine is very old (but still supported) and uses an analog phone line to dial out. I would like to automate the process a by using the voicemail notify module, which we currently use and depend heavily on.

What I am looking to do is this.
Write a script to copy a pre-recorded message to a voicemail “new” folder and the text file that would look like a new voicemail message.
Trigger the VM notify module to to see the new message and do its thing.

Trouble is I am having difficulties figuring out what calls the VM notify to see the new message and go to work. I see in the logs after a message is left something triggers VM notify, but it looks like the PHP files are encrypted (probably due to being a commercial module) Does anyone have any insight on how to accomplish this?

It sounds like you’re referring to FreePBX, which has its forum at https://community.freepbx.org/

I am using FreePBX, and they have a commercial module added to handle the voicemail Notify. All of that works as it should. The trouble is it appears Comedian Mail (app_voicemail) is what triggers the VM notify app with some arguments.
I can place a wave file and text file in the inbox folder and trigger the VM notify app by dialing my voicemail. The end result would be to have a script to place a pre-recorded message into that folder and then trigger the MN notify. I am looking for a command in the script to simulate a call to VM to trigger that external VM notify app with the correct arguments.

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David, that is my original post in the FreePBX forum. Lorne Gaetz has been very helpful but recommended reaching out to the Asterisk side.

To elaborate a little, I essentially need to do the same thing as if a voicemail were transferred from one mailbox to another. When a new message is received something triggers in the comedian mail app that sends an email and triggers the external notify application, with the correct arguments.

I need a command that will trigger this as if a new message were received but am striking out.

Have you verified if there is any AMI event fired, you can use this to trigger your script

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