Voicemail notification before caller is done recording

This hasn’t been much of a problem except the past few weeks. What happens is that a caller gets sent to voicemail. When the caller begins to record their message, the voicemail notification is sent to the extensions phone. While the caller is still recording their message, the person at that extension calls to check their voicemail. The voicemail says “You have one new message, new message…” and then silence then the options that follow the voicemail are played. The user chooses to delete the voicemail thinking that it was a hangup, but actually they are erasing the message that the caller is recording.

Is there a way to prevent the voicemail notification from being sent until after the caller finishes the recording?

I am sure it doesn’t matter but we are using A@H 1.5 with Polycom IP 301 and 501 phones.

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