Voicemail not being sent

Hi all,

I have AAH set up just sitting behind a firewall running NAT, off my dynamic ISP connection. All works ok with calling etc, but when VM is sent out, it seems that the host is not configured correctly.

I get the voicemail sent to my email account (different ISP) no problem, but when i look at the email header, even though i have changed the hosts file on the AAH box to give the server a proper name etc, i still see asterisk@mydomain.com

Ive been through docs regading giving the AAH a proper hostname etc, but still no joy. I dont have a fully qualified domain, as this is just at home.

Can anyone give me some pointers on which host files should be edited so that the box is configured correctly? Or if there are other files with sendmail that need to be checked?

The reason this is a problem is that some people on other ISP’s are not getting VM emails, probably because the email headers are not correct because the hosts information is not right, and the mail servers at those ISP’s is stopping them getting through.

Any help would be appreciated > or links to more docs/FAQ’s !!

Check out:
And look for “Activating Email Delivery of VoiceMail Messages” about one sixth of the way down.

I’m in the processing of moving from AAH2.3 to AAH2.5. Has the issue with low volume on email vmail attachments ever been resolved? I see posts about this once in awhile, but have been amazed that this hasn’t been considered a more critical issue to address, since it makes (IMO) emailing vmail attachments useless.