Voicemail Loop

A particular phone on the network keeps getting a particular voicemail, shown as being from an outside number, even though no one is calling in. I cleared the voicemails on the telephone yesterday, and today it now has 100 voicemails again. What steps should I follow to troubleshoot the issue?

anything in the log file ? that’s the first place to start looking.

I found some log entries that looks suspicious. I not exactly sure what it means though. 5000 is the extension I’m having problems with. Maybe someone could explain what these mean? I’ve tried to look these warnings up, and just get a page of c code that implements these messages in a printf function call.

I’ve already tried restarting the server and nothing seems to help. The messages usually start showing up at night, the fill the box up by morning. I can clear them out, and they don’t come back during the day, but the box will be full the next morning.

Oct  9 15:55:23 WARNING[30306]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/500                                             0-1289<ZOMBIE>'
Oct  9 15:55:23 WARNING[30306]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-1289<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-9a64 failed
Oct 10 14:43:55 WARNING[5064]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/5000                                             -6f41<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 10 14:43:55 WARNING[5064]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-6f41<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-271c failed
Oct 11 09:09:21 WARNING[6423]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/5000                                             -f1a1<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 11 09:09:21 WARNING[6423]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-f1a1<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-adf0 failed
Oct 12 09:05:16 WARNING[8297]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/5000                                             -5fe4<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 12 09:05:16 WARNING[8297]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-5fe4<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-e0ea failed
Oct 12 12:04:45 WARNING[8564]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/5940                                             -5249<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 12 12:04:45 WARNING[8564]: Private bridge between SIP/5940-5249<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5940-299d failed
Oct 13 11:28:44 WARNING[10389]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/500                                             0-b490<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 13 11:28:44 WARNING[10389]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-b490<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-ea42 failed
Oct 13 12:18:12 WARNING[2752]: PRI: Oct 13 12:19:25 WARNING[10453]: Can't find n                                             ative functions for channel 'SIP/5000-a6ff<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 13 12:19:25 WARNING[10453]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-a6ff<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-e578 failed
Oct 13 15:09:53 WARNING[10714]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/500                                             0-2ec5<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 13 15:09:53 WARNING[10714]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-2ec5<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-7fbc failed
Oct 13 16:49:22 WARNING[10854]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/500                                             0-e9b7<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 13 16:49:22 WARNING[10854]: Private bridge between SIP/5000-e9b7<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5000-586b failed
Oct 16 09:55:42 WARNING[15270]: Can't find native functions for channel 'SIP/594                                             0-f891<ZOMBIE>'
Oct 16 09:55:42 WARNING[15270]: Private bridge between SIP/5940-f891<ZOMBIE> and                                              SIP/5940-ec52 failed