Voicemail Login Problems after ug from * 1.0.9 to

Hi Folks,

I’ve recently upgraded my production server from 1.0.9 to
A big jump I agree but needed to be done. Everything is working fine and I have gone through my entire Dialplan making the little changes that were needed here and there.

The thing is that since then none of my users can login to voicemail.

This is NOT a dtmf issue as I can seee on the switch console that the digits are being received. Here’s a bit from ny voicemail.conf for one user and also an example of him trying to login.

7001 => 6878,Darren O’Donohoe,darren@webtalk.ie

CLI messages
– Executing VoiceMailMain(“SIP/4877001-8a1d”, “”) in new stack
– Playing ‘vm-login’ (language ‘en’)
– Playing ‘vm-password’ (language ‘en’)
– Incorrect password ‘6878’ for user ‘7001’ (context = default)
– Playing ‘vm-incorrect-mailbox’ (language ‘en’)

Any ideas?


I think the change was now you need to specify a context the mailbox is in in the dial plan even with the voicemailmain. Is the mailox you are calling in the default context? below is from the wiki

Logging In: When calling VoiceMailMain without specifying a context, whether specifying a box number or alllowing the built-in prompt, if there are two boxes with the same number in different contexts, the last one specified in the voicemail.conf file will be used. You will not be able to log into the other boxes unless you specify the context when calling VoiceMailMain.

Hi Rusty,

That’s fixed the login problem alright Thanks!

Unfortunately my MWI now doesn’t work. Any Ideas?


in you sip.conf are you using