Voicemail greeting cleanup


I’m trying to clean up some old extensions that are no longer needed on our Asterisk v1.2.5 server, belonging to a few ex-employees. I deleted their voicemail messages, but I’m having trouble removing their custom greetings.

So for extension 1201 lets say, I found the greeting files (a .wav, .WAV and a .gsm too) all in: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/1201

I cleared everything out of there except for leaving an empty INBOX folder… (removed: greet.gsm, greet.wav, greet.WAV, unavail.gsm/wav/WAV… plus some other subfolders they had made)

Yet when I dial 1201 I’m still hearing the old custom greeting recording. Even after reloading extensions and reloading sip even though that has nothing to do with voicemail probably.

We are using Comedian I guess (I inherited this Asterisk server from the guy who really knew what he was doing :wink: ), and our voicemail.conf is pretty basic and we’re not using any of those mysql db options. What do I need to do so that Asterisk realizes I removed those custom greetings? And is there an easier way to clear them out short of deleting the files manually?