Voicemail Envelope Info Wrong

OK. I have a strange one and I cant find any posts specifically relating to it, so I will throw this out there and see what I catch.

Running Asterisk-1.2.10 on Fedora Core 4 on mulitple machines.

When we check the envelope information on a voicemail (by pressing 3 for advanced options, and then 3 again), it will randomly give us incorrect CallerID information for the call. I can see on the message text file in the voicemail folder that the number is correctly formatted, but I will get returns from asterisk like negative numbers, a number with all zeros, or just “from unknown caller”, or any number of crazy things. And then, sometimes, it will read it correctly.

Like I said. Random.

Let me know if I need to get more specific with any information, like kernel version. Or if someone needs to see dialplan snippets, although I cant imagine this being a dialplan issue.

Thanks for all the help in advance !

The Monkey

you might check the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/[voicemail context]/[mailbox number]/INBOX directory and check the msgXXX.txt files to see if what you are hearing is what the files indicate.

if worse comes to worse, clear out or move the files in the folder to another directory and leave a couple of test messages. i know there have been some random issues that occur when the audio file and text file don’t necessarily match up.

Yeah, I did check the txt file, and the CallerID is what it is supposed to be. Its just as if asterisk is not reading it correctly each time. I also tried transferring voicemails to and fro, and got the same results there too.Thanks for the suggestions though !

interesting…have you searched the bugtracker for voicemail related issues in the 1.2 branch that might be related to this? that’s the only thing i can think of readily…

also, FYI, if you’re running machines in production, you might want to consider moving from fedora core to CentOS - they’re pretty much the same overall, but fedora tends to be more of a development release and also has some issues with the kernel timer (you can fix by recompiling).

that said, we’re running FC4 now, but WILL be moving to CentOS.